Top 2 Innerspring Hybrid Mattress For the Money

Do you know that innerspring mattresses are the best beds for sex? Couples claim that innerspring beds allow an even and comfortable surface. Aside from being our familiar choice, innerspring mattresses have an excellent responsiveness to movement. It also offers more support compared to foam beds. And true enough, it still constitutes the majority of mattress sales since its first production back in the 19th century. Nowadays, you can get the best innerspring hybrid mattress to enjoy both the coil design and a layer of foam.

Support7 inches encased
Night trialnot included120 nights
Warranty10 years15 years
Overall qualityExcellentImpressive
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What is an innerspring mattress?

Basically, innerspring mattresses would have two layers of support: the comfort layers and the support layers. The comfort layers will be composed of poly foam or memory foam and latex depending on your personal choice. Meanwhile, the support layers will have innersprings or the coils, as it’s commonly called.

Innersprings could be a pocketed, Bonnell, offset, or continuous wire type. This is the part that adjusts to movement and then springs back up. Such a quick response is excellent for people with body pain. And for those having an intimate moment, an innerspring mattress offers less strain. The only issue is the creaking sound if you happen to purchase a dud piece.

One thing that sustained the staying power of innerspring mattresses in the industry is its affordability.

About 90% of the mattresses used in the U.S. are innerspring types.

Why? It’s way cheaper than most foams since the material doesn’t require too much density. Also, the best innerspring mattress for the money suits different sleeping positions including combination sleepers. Still, there are some unpleasant characteristics of coil mattresses which we will discuss later.

How does it feel sleeping on an innerspring mattress?

It’s interesting how each bedding material will have a different feel to it. Personally, my first bed when I was a kid was an innerspring mattress. It’s relatively comfy but it started to squeak and sag after a few years. Well, I can’t blame the mattress. After all the times of using it as a trampoline with my cousins, it already served its lifespan.

Just a few months ago, I’ve invested in a new coil mattress and here are some of the points I observed:

Firmer than foam. Of course, I should’ve expected this part. Innerspring mattresses are firm and less contouring. If you’re planning to transition from memory foam to this one, prepare yourself for the stiffness. But it’s not that bad if you get the right model. Mine has a layer of comfort latex which is enough to give me restful sleep. Be careful, though, since there are some poorly made coil mattresses that will give body pain.

Bouncier. Need I say more why it’s excellent for sex? Innerspring mattresses are highly responsive but it will become an issue if you’re sharing the bed with somebody else. It’s a little bit of a pain in motion isolation and some cheap models will squeak so bad it will wake your partner up.

Better edge support. If there’s one thing I love the most about innerspring mattresses, it would be its excellent edge support. It doesn’t sag fast on the edge which is best for those who are sitting on the side most of the time. Innerspring mattresses are also great for old folks who find it hard to get off a memory foam bed.

Cool to sleep at. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I’m one notorious hot sleeper. I always feel sweaty and uncomfortable, especially on memory foam beds. The good thing about an innerspring mattress is it doesn’t retain that much heat. Since there are spaces on the coils, it is more breathable.

Types of innerspring mattress

If you’re planning to buy the best innerspring hybrid mattress, take note that the coils inside will vary. Each of these types is designed to provide support by withstanding compression and reducing the chance of mattress collapse. Take note that when we say innerspring mattress, it’s not just made of coils. It would still have a layer of foam to cushion your body.

⏩Pocketed coils

Pocketed coils are called as such because each of the springs is wrapped in fabric. It’s also called Marshall coils or encased coils which are attached to each other using strands of fabric and hot glue. Unlike other types, there are no exposed wires that may poke on the bed. The major benefit from pocketed coils is it enhances motion isolation and contouring.

Pocketed coil mattresses may run pricier than other innerspring types. You should also keep an eye on the coils as some can be too thin that it won’t last as long as other beds.


This type of innerspring is the most common nowadays since it’s cheaper and faster to produce. Bonnell coils are made from tempered steel that’s shaped into an hourglass spiral. It’s paired with helicals and attached to a low-gauge wire. Such a construction has a better endurance to compression and wear and tear. In fact, Bonnell innerspring mattresses are commonly used in hotels, nursing homes, and dorms where various people will be sleeping. Such a thing makes it the best innerspring mattress for the money.

⏩Offset coils

Offset coils are almost the same as Bonnell springs. The difference is that it has a straightened bottom to provide a hinging effect during compression. This one usually comes in two subtypes: free arm offset coil and double offset coils.

But whatever the subtype is, offset coils are known to be stronger and durable than most innerspring beds. This makes it more expensive, though.

⏩Continuous wire coils

Lastly, we have the continuous wire coils made of circular steel shaped into spirals. These come in rows with helicals on both sides. When in use, continuous wire coils work like offset innerspring beds. This type of innerspring mattress has the least contouring effect but is known for resilience and long lifespan. However, you have to deal with lower body support.

Best innerspring mattress for the money – Top Picks!

—>Signature Sleep 8-Inch Coil Mattress<—

best innerspring hybrid mattress


8-inch thick mattress

7 inches of gauge encased/pocketed coils

Total number of coils: 480

High-density foam on top and bottom

Flippable mattress

10-year limited warranty

If you’re looking for a moderately leveled innerspring mattress, this one from Signature Sleep would be an excellent choice. Its encased coils sandwiched between high-density foam provide top-notch comfort. Aside from that, you’ll also get a breathable, knit fabric cover which will work on different surfaces like bunk beds, daybeds, box spring beds, platform beds, and so on.

As the best innerspring hybrid mattress, it can be vacuumed and delivered in a box. It’s also CertiPUR-US certified to have very low VOC emissions which are suitable for indoor use.

With the construction of the 480 encased coils, you can expect better motion isolation. And since this is a reversible mattress, you’ll enjoy it longer and you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

If you’re someone who’s a bit on the heavier side, this mattress would hold up perfectly. There would be no sagging and noisy creaking sound. You wouldn’t even feel the spring inside if not for the bouncy feel of the bed. Take note, though, that this is a lesser firm mattress.

What could be done better:

We noticed that there’s a strong odor to this during setup. It could probably due to the bed-in-a-box thing or something else. But since it’s CertiPUR-US certified, I guess we have nothing to worry about. The smell wears off after a few days but it could’ve been better if it’s toned down.

—>Saatva Innerspring Mattress<—

best innerspring hybrid mattress


Coil-on-coil construction

Designed to be eco-friendly

No chemical sprays

120-Night trial, 15-year warranty

Not a bed-in-a-box type

Saatva is one of the leading brands in the innerspring mattress arena. For one, this mattress has a unique coil-on-coil construction that provides better lumbar support and comfort. The best thing here is that the coils are made from recycled steel and it comes with an organic cotton cover as well as an organic pillow top. Also, this bed is quiet and perfect for your steamy moments.

It doesn’t come with any chemical sprays too which is great in reducing the chemical smell during setup. You can also choose from three different firmness levels: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Each of these mattresses underwent Saatva’s exclusive GUARDIN treatment. This is a special fabric treatment that wicks bacteria so the mattress will stay fresh and in good condition.

Saatva also ensures that there will be no markups and salesy experience when purchasing this mattress. I’ve met lots of mattress middlemen offering stuff I don’t need. Aside from being a bug, it wastes my time too so that part is a big plus point for me.

By the way, the mattress will arrive at your house via White Glove delivery. They would also offer a free mattress removal service – definitely the best innerspring mattress for the money.

What could be done better:

Honestly, I don’t think I have major complaints about this Saatva bed. Everything is seamless and done right.

What to look for an innerspring mattress

When shopping for the best innerspring hybrid mattress, you should check the firmness, comfort level, quality, and value for money. But aside from that, here are some of the crucial aspects you should consider:

⏩Coil count

When it comes to coil count, more doesn’t always mean better. Still, a higher consistency may mean better support and comfort. As a rule of thumb, the following should have the following minimum coil counts:

Full: 300

Queen: 400

King: 480

Anything that goes lower these minimum requirements is substandard. Steer clear of those options.

⏩Foam layer

Innerspring mattresses aren’t just made of coils; it also has a foam layer. The common option here is either latex or poly foam. Check which one you’ll be comfy at.

⏩Coil gauge

It’s not enough that your mattress has many coils, each of the springs should be enough to last long. A low-gauge innerspring tends to last longer as this allows more pushback, especially for overweight sleepers. The best innerspring mattress for the money has a coil gauge between 12 and 15. The lower the number is, the firmer the bed gets.


This one is optional but it offers more support if you have pressure point issues. Zoning is when parts of the bed are made firmer or plusher to release pressure points. Usually, it would be firmer on the lumbar area and softer on the hip and shoulder area. Some beds also offer point elasticity which can be more comfy for some sleepers.

Advantages of using an innerspring mattress

If you’re thinking of getting an innerspring mattress, here are some of the perks you’re going to enjoy:

⏩It’s the cheapest option you have and it’s widely available online and in physical stores.

⏩Innerspring mattresses are cooler to sleep at since it allows better airflow even for overweight sleepers.

⏩This type of mattress is bouncier which many couples claim to be the best choice for sex. However, beware of the noisy models.

⏩Off-gassing is relatively low on these beds but a bed-in-a-box style may yield a stronger odor which will fade in a matter of days.

Disadvantages of using an innerspring mattress

Like any other bed, innerspring mattresses aren’t without some downsides. Here are some of the points that earned thumbs down for me:

⏩Innerspring mattresses have poor motion isolation. This isn’t a problem if you’re sleeping on your own, but if you have a partner, this could be uncomfortable.

⏩It runs firmer compared to foam mattresses. For those who have sensitive conditions, innerspring mattresses may not be a good choice. Still, I recommend that you explore Saatva’s firmness options.

⏩Innerspring beds aren’t great with conformity. It has low contouring effect which may raise concerns on pressure relief and back support.

⏩Some poorly designed innerspring beds may sag fast and have a shorter lifespan.

The best innerspring hybrid mattress should be comfortable enough without breaking your bank. Take your time to read the points to ensure that you’ll the bed that suits you. Do you have something to add here? Let us know below.

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Top 2 Innerspring Hybrid Mattress For the Money

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