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Pregnancy is both a special and challenging stage for women. Our bodies undergo demanding and drastic changes from nausea to noticeable adjustments on the hips.  This physical transformation is guaranteed to disrupt our sleep cycle. Many a night you will wake up feeling too hot or you have the urge to pee. You might also feel cramps on some parts of your body due to improper bed support. This is the reason why the best mattress for pregnancy is a must-have if you’re an expectant mom.

Being comfortable and getting enough slumber is important for you and your unborn child. Aside from aligning the spine, it’s also important for mothers to cushion their growing tummies.

So to help you enjoy your last quiet nights before all the crying and diaper changes, here’s our take on pregnancy and the right bed to use:

Pregnancy and sleeping

Enough rest is important for every pregnant woman. Since their bodies are working for two, it’s normal for expectant mothers to feel more tired. The changes on your hormones will make you feel sleepy all the time. Blame it on the extra progesterone and lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

Usually, your energy will return after the first trimester. This is the point when your body has stabilized from the onset of child-bearing.

Studies found that the lack of sleep will impact the health of the unborn child. Lack of sleep can lead to preeclampsia where the blood pressure spikes even if the mother has no history of hypertension. This is one reason why many mothers do everything for comfort, including using an inflatable pregnancy mattress.

The surge of blood pressure can also lead to sleep apnea. What happens is that the amount of blood the heart pumps is reduced, thus the circulation on the fetus is also jeopardized. The worst thing that may happen is a sudden drop of oxygen that will stymie the development of the baby in the womb. Take note that blood flow and oxygen supply on the fetus is at its peak during sleep. If this is compromised, the unborn child won’t grow normally.

Basically, lack of sleep also limits the production of growth hormones. When this happens, the baby will be susceptible to developmental issues.

Aside from the child’s development, your sleeping habits will also affect the delivery of the baby.

There are a lot of reasons why pregnant women can’t catch enough winks. The following are just some of the potential culprits:

Reasons why pregnant women can’t sleep well

A lot of us thought that sleepless nights will start the moment our little one is born. But welcome to motherhood, where pregnancy is as difficult as getting up at night to feed a crying babe.

So far, here are the common issues pregnant women face which causes them to skip enough sleep:

The urge to pee

Since your kidney is working double-time to sustain the increased blood flow in your body, expect that you will pee more. Also, your bladder will be squeezed when your tummy grows bigger. This makes your bladder go full right away. There would be more bathroom trips in the middle of the night which translates to disrupted sleep. If your baby is active at night, peeing would be more frequent.

Backaches and leg cramps

It’s not easy to carry an extra weight of at least seven pounds at the last stage of pregnancy. It will cause back aches at night when you’re lying down. Also, the ligaments of your back become looser as you head to delivery. This means you’ll be prone to pain and injuries. Leg cramps will also take place due to this.


Stress and the uncertainty of pregnancy can keep soon-to-be moms awake. The anxiety you’ll feel about childbirth and the health of your unborn baby can keep you thinking.

Kicking baby

A kicking baby is a good sign but it will also keep you falling in and out of sleep. There’s nothing you can do at this point but to be patient and use the best mattress for pregnancy.

Heartburn and constipation

During pregnancy, food refluxing back to the esophagus is a common condition. The food stays longer on the stomach since digestion is slowed down. This will result in heartburn and constipation that will grow worse as the baby gets bigger inside the womb.

Snoring and shortness of breath

Women breathe deeper when they are pregnant. This makes them prone to snoring and shortness of breath. The enlarging fetus puts pressure on the diaphragm which makes it harder to breathe.

Uncomfortable bed

Expectant mothers are susceptible to pain when their beds aren’t good enough to support their bodies. Back pain would be more evident and it will make the movement more difficult. Once the second trimester sets in, the discomfort of your growing belly will be more unbearable. This is the reason why many mothers use inflatable pregnancy mattress beds.

What to look for a pregnancy mattress

When you’re pregnant, it’s best to get a mattress that’s made to support the extra growth of your body. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind:

Dual firmness

Your preference on the firmness of your mattress will differ once you get heavily pregnant. And to make both you and your partner comfortable, it’s best to look for dual firmness. It’s basically a single mattress with a different feel on each side. If you like, you can consider getting airbeds where you can customize the firmness of the air chamber.

Thickness and support

A thicker and high-profile mattress is best for pregnant women but will still depend on individual preference. A higher mattress is better, especially if you’re heavily pregnant. It’s easier to sit on and get up from compared to thinner versions.


Pregnant women need the most conformity that they can get. This is so the pressure points on the hips, back, and tummy area will be released. An inflatable pregnancy mattress may not provide this.


There are mattresses that are typically hot to sleep at, say memory foams. However, it becomes more uncomfortable when a woman is pregnant. The increase in body temperature will require them to sleep on a cooler surface to prevent disrupting their sleep. A breathable mattress with cooling technology will be excellent.

Edge support

Every inch of the best mattress for pregnancy should provide support, especially for pregnant women. Expectant moms would spend time sitting on the edge of the bed. And if it’s not reinforced, it will sag quickly and provide little to no support.

Motion isolation and noise

An excellent motion isolation level is imperative so pregnant women can limit any sleep-disturbing movement. If your partner has a bad case of sleep movement, this is a must-have. Also, get a mattress that doesn’t squeak. As you progress in pregnancy, you’ll discover that even a little coil noise can steal your sleep.


Your choice of mattress shouldn’t be as expensive as your hospital bills during delivery. As much as you want to get the comfiest option, make sure to compare prices first. Hybrid mattress range from $1,400 to $1,800 while airbeds can be very expensive for more than two grand. If you’re a bit cash-strapped, you can get a foam mattress for as low as $700.

White glove delivery

Bringing a mattress inside the house is almost impossible for a heavily pregnant woman. A bed-in-a-box mattress would be easier but it’s a different story for coiled beds. You can ask for white glove delivery when you purchase the mattress. The delivery guys will set up the mattress for you.

Best pregnancy mattress – Our top picks!

Comparison Chart

TUFT & NEEDLE – Original Queen Adaptive Foam Mattress, CertiPUR-US, 100-Night Trial
Signature Sleep Contour Encased Mattress, Queen, White

Tuft & Needle Mattress


Pregnant women need a mattress that conforms and support but not too hot to sleep on. This is exactly what the Tuft & Needle mattress is about. First, it uses its unique adaptive foam that conforms to the body of the sleeper. It has localized bounce that isolates motion so your partner won’t disturb your sleep and vice versa.

This mattress is 10-inch thick which is good for pregnant women who prefer a medium height. It also has a cooling gel and graphite infusion to give you fresher sleep. This isn’t latex or memory foam in case you’re wondering. It’s the exclusive foam of Tuft & Needle that helps release pressure points in the body.

Upon receiving the mattress, allow the adaptive foam to stabilize for 72 hours. There could be a little smell but it would soon go away after a few days. There’s nothing to worry about since this is cleared by the CertiPUR-US, GREENGUARD, and OEKO-TEX.

As for the price, this is the best mattress for pregnancy. It’s not too expensive but not too cheap either. However, this doesn’t have a dual firmness. But so far, only a few people go wrong with medium firmness when they share the bed with someone else.

Sleep trial: 100 nights + 10-year warranty

Signature Sleep Reversible Mattress


The Signature Sleep mattress is made with pregnant women in mind. It has 1.6-inch of high-density foam sandwiching the coils inside the bed. This gives a hugging feeling and an excellent edge support. Overall, it has 800 individually-encased coils for reduced noise and low possibility of critters harboring inside the bed.

Remember that this is an eight/ten-inch mattress. If you have a high bed frame, this would be a perfect catch. It’s a medium-firm mattress that’s not too soft and not too stiff. It’s not an inflatable pregnancy mattress either.

If you’re worried about the temperature, this mattress comes with a knitted cover. It’s breathable and comfy enough to aid your sleep. But if you’re not happy about it and you’re the hottest sleeper ever, you can get a bamboo-derived rayon cover to fix the issue.

Although this is a coiled mattress, it still arrives in a bed-in-a-box setup. Just let the foam and coils stabilize then you’re good to go. If ever the mattress starts sagging after a few years, you can flip it for a fresh surface. Your baby might be attending school already but this mattress is still as comfy as ever.

Sleep trial: not indicated

Additional sleep support

Aside from getting the best mattress, it’s also important that pregnant women utilize other sleep support. This is imperative, especially after the first trimester.


There are special loft pillows made for neck support for expectant moms. Those who have larger than usual heads will find more comfort with high-loft pillows that can be as thick as five inches. There are also medium-loft pillows that are around three inches thick.


If you and your partner can’t agree on the firmness of the mattress, you can opt for a topper that suits your comfort level. This bedding will also increase the support for your back and hip. It can make the mattress softer and firmer depending on the topper you purchase. You can get an inflatable pregnancy mattress that serves as a topper.

Adjustable bed base

If you have the money, you can opt for an adjustable bed base. This will allow you to incline or elevate the mattress as you wish. It will help on the breathing and reducing the symptoms of heartburn due to the acid reflux.

Sleeping tips for pregnant women

To help you achieve enough sleep every day, here are some tips:

Nap as frequent as possible. Power naps can help harness the spiking progesterone levels.

Munch salty snacks. This will help you fight the discomfort of morning sickness.

Sit or stand after meals. This is very true during the second trimester. Also, avoid eating spicy foods at this point to prevent heartburn.

Sleep on the left side. Sleeping at your back during the third trimester cuts down the oxygen supply of your baby. This is also more comfortable for you since it will reduce the risk of apnea.

Perform light stretching before bed. Doing light leg stretching before bedtime will prevent cramps in the middle of the night.

Reduce fluids before bedtime. If you loathe frequent peeing at night, don’t splurge on fluids before bedtime. Still, don’t hold your thirst.

The best mattress for pregnancy will not just make the gestation phase more bearable. It will also ensure that your baby is getting the right support for his or her growth inside your womb. After all the sacrifice, all will be worth it during delivery day.

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