Best Tempurpedic Mattress for Side Sleepers of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Everyone wants to have quality sleep to wake up each morning well-rested. If you are a side sleeper, having a horrible mattress ends you up with an aching body.

Fortunately, you can end the long, sleepless nights of joint pain, neck pain, and tossing and turning.

You do not have to suffer anymore from mattresses that hurt you, thanks to the best Tempurpedic mattress for side sleepers.

The brand is one of the leading mattress makers for people worldwide, so we’ll review five models that you can consider purchasing.

Comparison Chart

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Tempur-Pedic -LuxeAdapt Firm Mattress
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Tempur-Pedic Adapt Memory Foam Mattress
Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Firm Cooling Foam Mattress
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Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Soft Mattress
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Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress

About Tempur-Pedic and Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

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Source: Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic has proven itself time and time again in producing quality and innovative mattresses, memory foam beds, pillows, cushions, and many other travel and bed accessories.

It is known for its use and innovation of memory foam in mattresses.

With many white glove delivery services available, you can rest assured that your Tempur-Pedic beds can be delivered to your homes with no problem whatsoever.

But what sets it apart from other brands is its TEMPUR material, proven to provide a different level of comfort and relaxation.

It took the sleeping experience of side sleepers to another level, providing excellent memory foam comfort layers that surely memory foam lovers will patronize.

Its memory foam models perfectly mold every person’s body of all shapes and sizes, hugging every part of the body that needs support.

Tempur-Pedic is also widely known for its outstanding quality mattress standard.

It is common to see their mattresses being used for more than 10 years.

This is due to the TEMPUR material being NASA-engineered, securing top-notch design and sturdy quality throughout the years to come.

Whether you need soft, firm, bouncy, cooling, or heating mattresses, expect that you will find the perfect option and the true memory foam experience for you.

Expect that every sleeper of Tempur-Pedic mattresses gets every penny’s worth of its 10-year warranty on every mattress and risk-free trials on some models.

It aims to provide the best sleep for all people with different body types and weights, whether they be stomach sleepers, back sleepers, or hot sleepers, with its durability and reliability for many decades.

Though sleeping on your side is the most popular sleep style, there are still factors that people miss out on when choosing the right mattress.

These factors are crucial in giving you the best sleeping experience of the intricate details and requirements your body needs.

Neglecting these factors can cause discomfort, body aches, joint pain, neck pain, and other problems the following morning.

Your current mattress may be the very problem if you are experiencing those.

One important thing to note for side sleepers is sleeping with a misaligned body that may lead to pelvic rotation, which may cause joint pain.

Sleeping on the side, especially when the legs are bent, can twist the natural alignment of the spine and can result in pelvic rotation.

Hence, side sleepers are recommended to have a medium-firm memory foam mattress to sleep on.

Medium-firm memory foam has the perfect contouring action onto the hip and the shoulder, providing sufficient support to these protruding parts of the body for the whole sleep duration.

Softer models with adequate support from Tempur-Pedic are the perfect choices for side sleepers.

Best Tempurpedic Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews

1. TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Mattress

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The latest in the Adapt Collection is the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt.

Though recently debuted in the mattresses market, it has already garnered followers and lovers worldwide with its neat features and functionalities that are perfect for modern people.


Based on its name, Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt is all for relaxation due to the high-density polyfoam core proven to alleviate all the stress from body parts.

It has the best pressure relief memory foam in the Adapt Collection and a 30% more conforming support than ProAdapt with the TEMPUR-APR+ memory foam.

It is also equipped with a SmartClimate dual-layer cover: a zippable, cool-to-touch layer and a super stretch inner panel for achieving convenience and comfort.

Being the latest Adapt model, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt has an additional feature of a washable cooling cover.

This cooling cover is made out of an ultra-high molecular-weight yarn that effectively removes heat away from your body.

What’s better is that this cooling cover is removable, which means you can do a maintenance cleaning while not worrying about shedding or a decrease in quality.

Though all mattresses in the Adapt Collection have motion isolation, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt mattress has the ultimate version.

If you sleep with someone who tosses and turns in the middle of the night, this might be the perfect mattress for you.

You won’t even feel someone just left the bed with its absent motion transfer.

Even though the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt has a generally steep price, consider it an investment.

It is one of the softer models that let you have wonderful nights of sleep for decades, and its machine-washable cooling cover can very well be a great return on investment.

This model may just be the best Tempurpedic mattress for side sleepers of all body types.

Bear in mind that the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt mattress comes in only two firmness options: firm and soft mattress.

Five sizes are currently available: Queen, Twin XL, King, California King, and Split California King.

Lastly, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt has a height of 13 inches and 119 pounds (Queen), and comes in white.


  • Maximum relaxation
  • Lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable cooling cover
  • 30% more ultra-conforming support
  • Ultimate motion cancellation
  • Great ROI in the long run


  • Can be too soft for some people
  • Limited firmness level
  • Expensive buy

2. Tempur-Pedic Adapt Memory Foam Mattress

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The base model for the Adapt Collection is currently the cheapest, but don’t underestimate this mattress.

Its amazing features may just be the best bang-for-buck for people who are looking for Tempur-Pedic mattresses made out of high-quality materials at an affordable price.


Being in the Adapt Collection, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Mattress has the most basic structure: Original TEMPUR material.

This material is ideal for pressure relief and great temperature regulation, motion cancellation, all-night adaptive support.

The mattress also comes with a cool-to-touch mattress cover.

Whether you live in warm, humid, or dry parts of the world, expect that the Adapt mattress adapts well to many temperature and air changes throughout the night.

This mattress has been reported to be the most highly-rated Tempur-Pedic mattress on Amazon, providing white glove delivery to anyone interested in buying Tempur-Pedic models there.

A majority of people have given extremely positive Tempur-Pedic mattress reviews on this model, citing the best option if you are on a tight budget.

Many users of the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Mattress have said that it feels silky and looks beautiful, perfect for your sleeping aesthetics throughout the night.

Like the ProAdapt model, it has the premium spring coils in the hybrid models if you want to opt for a retro feel on your bed mattress.

There are two firmness options under this model: medium and medium hybrid.

There is a wide selection of sizes, though, and there are seven of them: King, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King, and Split California King.

It has a height and weight of 11 inches and 99 pounds (King), respectively.


  • Pressure-relieving and supporting
  • Great cooling technology
  • Premium knit technology
  • Motion cancellation
  • Premium spring coils for a medium hybrid option
  • A great option for tight budgets


  • Gets too hot
  • Either too soft or too hard for some people
  • Limited firmness level

3. TEMPUR-ProAdapt Mattress


The ProAdapt takes its cheaper model, Adapt, to another level literally by an extra inch of height, an APR material that gives 2x pressure relief – highly recommended for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

If you tend to get your body parts, especially the shoulders and hips, stressed easily, check out this mattress and check the level of firmness you are most comfortable with.


Side sleepers struggling to find a mattress that perfectly cups their bodies need not find other mattresses anymore since the TEMPUR-ProAdapt Model has the TEMPUR material.

It gives unparalleled cushion and support that is perfect for all sleep positions.

Additionally, it has several other cool features that may be perfect for your needs, such as the high-density polyfoam support core.

Side sleepers have expressed their experiences using ProAdapt with an obvious improvement in their sleep quality.

That is due to the APR, which contains 20% TEMPUR material and therefore easily relieves pressure in targeted parts of the body.

It also has a SmartClimate Dual Cover System that is ultimately smooth to the touch.

The ProAdapt has a perfect blend of firmness, support, and responsiveness that matches what side sleepers need.

It is truly one of the best beds that will give anyone the best sleep of their life.

With several styles to choose from, it can cater to all preferences of anyone and making it one of the greatest Tempur-Pedic mattresses for side sleepers.

Like any other beds when recently purchased, it takes some time to “break-in” and may feel like a brick during this period.

After this period, expect a phenomenal change in people’s lives by the sleep quality they get while sleeping on this mattress.

There are many firmness options to choose from: Firm, Medium, Medium Hybrid, and Soft.

There are also seven sizes to choose from: King, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King, Split, and Split California King.

It has a 12-inch height and weighs 125 pounds (King), in color white.

Take note that the Medium Hybrid has 1000+ premium spring coils for people who prefer a little bit of bounce when they land on the bed. 


  • More pressure relieving
  • Lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable cooling cover
  • Incredible comfort and support
  • Wide range of firmness options
  • Best motion isolation
  • Premium spring coils for a medium hybrid option


  • Softer than other models
  • Not recommended for hot sleepers

4. Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Soft Mattress

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If the temperature is your biggest concern in sleeping soundly at night, don’t worry because Tempur-Pedic got your back.

The LUXEbreeze mattress is their flagship mattress for lowering the temperature feel for people living in warmer areas.

The extra features, including the 10-year warranty, has reflected through its generally high price range.


The magic of Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Breeze mattresses is their state-of-the-art temperature regulating system that assures anyone who sleeps on it a cooler feeling throughout the night.

The PureCool+ Phase Change Material gives a cool and soothing sensation that guarantees a night of cool temperature that feels like a cold breeze on the skin.

LUXEbreeze mattresses can give up to 10 degrees cooler feeling than the Adapt collection mattresses.

This is achieved through its 4-level cooling system, currently the latest innovation for maximum cooling.

This mattress makes it an excellent choice for hot sleepers who want to continuously sleep at night with comfort in mind.

The LUXEbreeze also has cutting-edge technology to ensure an all-nighter’s worth of cool sensation and breathability through its TEMPUR-CM+ Material & Ventilated TEMPUR-APR Material.

This mattress is definitely a must for people who stay out in the sun or warm places all day, are sensitive to warm temperatures during nighttime, wake up in night sweats, or simply dream of sleeping in a cold embrace.

This model has two firmness options available: soft and firm.

Five sizes are currently offered: King, Twin XL, Queen, California King, and Split California King.

It has a height of 13 inches and a weight of 139.6 pounds (King).

This plush mattress comes in the color white.


  • Feels up to 10 degrees cooler
  • Lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable cooling cover
  • Motion cancellation
  • Premium spring coils for a medium hybrid option
  • Great for warmer places


  • Varying cooling experiences
  • Very steep price

5. TEMPUR-PEDIC Cloud Prima Medium-Soft Mattress

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Have you ever daydreamed of sleeping on clouds?

Well, daydream no more because the Cloud Prima mattress has the premise of giving the feeling of sleeping on the clouds.

It provides adequate support while simulating the feeling of lying down on the clouds with how much of a softer model it is than other Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

It is an overall great deal with a relatively affordable price.


One of the softer models, Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima Mattress has all the basic things Tempur-Pedic offers to its mattresses, with an addition of extra plushness.

The TEMPUR-Cloud Prima mattress has four distinct layers to its mattress construction:

  • The premium cooling top cover
  • Conforming comfort layer
  • The support layer of memory foam made out of TEMPUR material
  • The cooling base layer 

Not only does Cloud Prima offer a soft feeling and cloudlike sleeping experience, but this soft model also ensures that you do not wake up sweaty.

It has special fibers on the top that draw moisture away and a SmartClimate System responsible for the cool-to-the-touch feel.

For side sleepers who do not want a firm mattress presented above, the Cloud Prima is the right choice for you.

It is specially designed to minimize pressure points, perfect for people who are sensitive to hardness in mattresses while providing fantastic sinkage at the same time.

If you are worried about the body alignment due to its sheer, cushiony feel, don’t worry because it still has the conforming comfort and support layer.

It makes sure that your body still has the right amount of support.

All-in-all, this cheaper model makes one of the greatest Tempur-Pedic mattresses for side sleepers and serves as a gateway for the more high-end models in their roster.

Though this soft mattress is only available in medium-soft firmness option, it comes in seven sizes: Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, California King, and Split California King.

Being on the thinner side of the mattress spectrum, it only has a height of 10 inches and a weight of 95.5 pounds (Queen).


  • Personalized comfort and support
  • 100-night risk-free trial
  • Easy setup
  • Great cooling mechanism 


  • No firmness options
  • Only all-foam option available
  • Feels too hard for some people

Our Top Recommendations

Tempur-Pedic is a reputable brand for high-quality mattresses for all sleeping positions.

It offers a variety of mattresses for people with certain preferences, varying body shapes, and needs.

Our top choice for the best Tempurpedic mattress for side sleepers is the TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt Mattress.

It is the most superior model in the Adapt Collection that can last a lifetime with its 10-year warranty.

But if you are on a tight budget, then the Adapt Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect choice for you.

It checks out all the basic features that guarantee anyone has the best sleep of their lives.

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