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Have you paid enough attention to your mattress lately? If you’re considering shopping for new bedding, you’re surely thinking about the material that best suits you. All of us want a mattress that can last long and take the beating of our bed trysts (I know what you’re thinking!). There are many options out there but it’s quite tricky to get one with the utmost quality. With that, have you ever considered getting the best latex mattress?

If you want an eco-friendly solution and a mattress that will release pressure points, latex is the way to go. But I know that changing things up in bed may compromise your sleep quality. Some of us take a few days to get used to new foam. Still, having a change in your sleeping area may improve the quality of slumber. Two or three nights of getting used to a new mattress is a just a small sacrifice.

But aside from comfort, we aren’t really fond of replacing our mattresses every year or two. As you know great mattresses aren’t always cheap. However, the latex ones may give you the right bargain for the price and benefits.

Benefits of latex mattresses

Latex foams are probably the most common mattress material. The natural latex foam is extracted from the sap of a rubber tree, thus an organic and safe choice as bedding. If processed properly, latex mattresses should be mold and mildew resistant.

Latex is also a good mattress material for allergy sufferers. It prevents mites and bugs from harboring in the bed. Aside from the itchy bites, you’ll also dodge the droppings that can trigger respiratory issues if inhaled. Since there would be no more coughing, sneezing, and jumping out of bed in the middle of the night, you’ll have restful sleep. That’s also good news for the person you share the bed with.

This type of mattress is also excellent in providing support for people with joint issues. Given the right firmness, it can release pressure points on the hip, back, neck, and feet. It offers just the right conformity without sinking or sagging too much.

And if you loathe memory foam for giving you hot flashes, latex would be an excellent alternative. It is cooler to sleep at and not as sticky as the usual memory or adaptive foams.

Latex mattresses had a bad rap for being a luxury choice for those who can shell out thousands of bucks for a single bed. But as the mattress industry grows more competitive, latex is becoming more affordable.

Best latex foam mattress

So to help you pick the best choice for a latex mattress, we reviewed here two of the best options in the market. Check each one and see what suits you best:

Comparison Chart

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness – King (GOTS Certified Organic)
LUCID 10 Inch Queen Latex Hybrid Mattress – Cooling Gel Memory Foam – Responsive Latex Layer – Adaptable – Premium Support – Durable Steel Coils

Pure Green Latex Mattress


One thing that landed the Pure Green Latex Mattress on our list is the pure latex consistency. This is made from pure and natural latex foam with no fillers or blend. This is certified Gold by GREENGUARD meaning it’s free from any artificial fire retardants or chemical barriers.

The latex material is encased inside a quilted cotton cover that’s equally organic and chemical-free. It’s blended with organic wool harvested from New Zealand.

Overall, this best latex mattress has a medium firmness. Its pinpointed elastic support allows the latex foam to adjust on every move without sinking or sagging fast. Unlike other latex foams that compress after a few months, the Pure Green Latex Mattress stays in shape.

Outstanding sleep feature: If you’re a hot sleeper, this mattress is the right fit for you. It’s crafted with tiny air chambers all over the foam to let air circulate as you sleep. And since you’ll get wool and cotton on the cover, there’s no doubt that it would be comfy every night.

One small caveat: This mattress is a bit bouncier than other latex beds we’ve seen and tried. Still, it doesn’t affect how comfortable and cool it feels every night.

LUCID Cooling Gel Memory Foam Latex Mattress


If you want a latex mattress that shares features with memory foam, the closest you’ll get is the LUCID Cooling Gel Memory Foam with Latex Mattress. The LUCID Cooling Gel Mattress has four layers of foam: one inch of bamboo charcoal memory foam, three inches of gel memory foam, two inches of natural latex foam, and 10 inches of support foam.

Take note, though, that this is an ultra-plush bed which is excellent for those who want the softest bed in town. It has an open cell technology that leaves lasting body impressions. It works for pressure relief but side sleepers should be cautious about shoulder support and hip position.

Outstanding sleep feature: What we love about this LUCID latex foam mattress, of all the models they offer, is the bamboo charcoal foam. This layer wicks smell, moisture, and bacteria build up. The result is fresher sleep and a clean mattress. And not just that. The cover of the mattress is blended with TENCEL fabric for added breathability.

One small caveat: It’s understandable that most bed-in-a-box mattresses would have a chemical whiff to it. However, the LUCID mattress seems to have a stronger one and I suggest that you get a bottle of Febreze for it. Overall, the bed is comfy and worth the money. You just have to air it off for a few nights and you’re golden.

Types of latex

Latex is an umbrella category for subgroups of natural, synthetic, and mix varieties. Here are the common latex types:

Natural latex

This is also called pure latex and contains about 95% latex with a 5% mix of curing so it will hold up as a mattress. The good thing about natural latex is it’s considered to be hypoallergenic, dust-resistant, and eco-friendly. So far, it’s the best latex mattress.

Dunlop synthetic latex

Dunlop latex is one of the synthetic variants where natural sediments settle at the bottom of the mattress during production. This makes the foam denser and firmer. Dunlop latex is best for heavier sleepers who require more body support. It contains 0% natural latex.

Talalay synthetic latex

As the second variant of synthetic latex, Talalay is more homogenous. To prevent it from turning into a Dunlop, the rubber sap is placed inside a vacuum-sealed chamber. Without oxygen, it will be frozen and baked. The end product would be a plushier and lighter bed. It contains 0% natural latex.

Blended latex

If you want to enjoy the best of both synthetic and natural latex worlds, the blended type is the way to go. This latex foam mattress contains about 30% natural latex and the rest is synthetic materials. The firmness widely varies.

Impression load deflection

When you’re shopping for a latex mattress, one term you’ll come across with is ILD. These letters stand for Impressions Load Deflection which simply refers to the firmness of the latex foam material. But most of the time, mattresses will use layers of foam with varying ILDs. Just remember that the higher the ILD, the firmer the mattress becomes.

But like what I said earlier, a single mattress can have various foam layers with different ILDs. The overall feel should be indicated on the item. But generally, Dunlop foams would have higher ILD than the Talalay variant.

Some manufacturers use IFD instead of ILD where the ‘F’ stands for ‘Force’. Don’t worry, they are the same thing. It just happens that IFD is used for foam mattresses in general.

Advantages of latex mattress

If there’s one advantage latex has over other mattress material, it would be the comfort level. It conforms well to the body but not to the point of giving you a heat rash. It’s the right blend between not-so-soft and not-so-stiff. Latex can regain its original shape once the sleeper gets up. And the best part is that it doesn’t compress or sag easily.

Also, latex mattresses are unappealing to mites and bugs. It also repels mold and mildew which makes it an excellent choice for households with allergy sufferers.

One thing that we find prominent among latex mattresses is how breathable each model is. It’s not very hot to sleep at but it’s not too cold either. Just the right feel where you’ll enjoy cuddling under the duvet or snuggling with a pillow. Most latex mattresses also have air chambers to let air circulate even if a heavy sleeper is lying on it.

It’s also becoming considerably cheaper nowadays with more households getting their hands on natural options.

Disadvantages of latex mattress

Like anything under the sun, latex mattresses aren’t spared from some downsides. However, it’s important to note here that most of the ugly parts are associated with the synthetic version. Synthetic latex has a strong chemical aroma that will last for a few days. Although it’s not necessarily harmful, those with intense respiratory issues might want to opt out of it.

Also, synthetic latex isn’t as eco-friendly as the natural version. The issue roots to the disposal and how it fares inside households in the years to come. Still, it could be the best latex mattress for some.

Still, synthetic latex is way cheaper than the natural version which makes it a continuously popular option for most American households. Anyway, a blend would likely balance these issues.

Memory foam vs. latex foam

You surely heard about a latex foam mattress regardless if you’ve tried it before or not. It took the mattress by storm with its excellent conformity and health benefits, especially for those with joint issues. As much as the conformity is excellent and fun, it becomes a little uncomfortable when it comes to moving around. The impression a sleeper leaves on the foam stays for long. With the foam not springing back fast, discomfort may likely take place.

Also, memory foam is notorious for being too hot to sleep at. Its foam is so dense that it can’t let air pass through. And like synthetic latex, it’s known for off-gassing.

But not to make memory foam appear a total bane, it has its own good things to offer. For one, it allows the spine to align for side sleepers. It’s also a good option for those with arthritis and requiring more joint support. Also, many manufacturers are incorporating different cooling technology to arrest the common problem for memory foams.

If you want the right balance, a hybrid of memory foam and latex would be great to try.

Who should use latex mattresses?

The answer to this lies to your sleeping needs. Each of us will have varying preferences on mattresses, and to help you decide, take time to answer the following questions:

-Are you sharing the bed with someone else?

-Do you always wake up with a sore neck, back, hip, or shoulder?

-Are you thinking of going green?

-Do you experience hot flashes no matter what the season is?

-Are you willing to invest in an expensive yet long-lasting bed?

-Are you looking for more bounce?

If your answers to these questions are mostly yes, then you also need to get a latex bed. It just shows that your physical needs match with what this mattress has to offer. Still, feel free to explore your options until you get a bed that you’ll love to sleep on every night. Remember, about one-third of your day will be spent sleeping and lying in bed. It’s just right that you make it as comfortable as possible.

How much is a latex mattress?

Well, the price for a latex foam mattress depends on the build and who produced the item. Organic latex mattresses can range from $1000 to $2,000 depending on the size and thickness. Although the upfront cost would be overwhelming, this is way affordable if we’re going to factor in the lifespan of the bed.

Most natural latex beds will last for up to 7 to 10 years. That’s the greatest bang for the buck. Not to mention warranties that can be as long as 25 years, investing on a latex mattress is a wise move.

As for the Pure Green and LUCID mattresses, you can check the price on the table at the top.

What do you think of this best latex mattress? Let us know below!

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