Dreamfoam Mattress Reviews With Comparisons

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Dreamfoam Mattress reviews agree that the brand’s mattresses are some of the best on the market.

Homeowners looking to upgrade their mattresses will find an assortment of models designed with top-tier comfortable features.

It’s about time you gave yourself the benefit of a more peaceful night’s rest with a new mattress from the Dreamfoam or Brooklyn Bedding Company.

All About Brooklyn Bedding Company

Dreamfoam Mattress is a part of Brooklyn Bedding Company, a renowned mattress manufacturer focusing on e-commerce.

All of their mattresses are designed to accommodate the needs of every sleeper by taking a customized approach.

You’ll find that their products are crafted using special engineering skills to ensure optimal comfort and cooling for every sleeper.

Investing in a high-quality mattress can be challenging, especially when shopping online.

That said, with the Brooklyn Bedding Company, you can browse through industry-leading mattresses manufactured in their Arizona-based facility.

Every product design change made is based on direct feedback from customers.

Doing so ensures that their designs are crafted to perfection to meet your every need.

You’ll also find that their mattresses feature higher quality control methods than with other overseas manufacturers.

By buying a Dreamfoam mattress, you’re investing in a better night’s rest, and there’s nothing better than that.

With the numerous mattress models produced, though, finding the perfect one for you is simpler than you might think.

So, let’s look at five of our favorite models that are bound to transform the way you sleep.

Comparison Chart

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Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind 9.5″ Mattress
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Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 11″ Plush Pillow Top Mattress
41SLWTN2RrL. SL500
Dreamfoam Bedding Polar 14″ Cushion Firm Eurotop Cooling Hybrid Mattress
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Brooklyn Signature 11″ Hybrid Patented TitanFlex Pressure Relieving Foam
Brooklyn Bedding Titan 11-Inch TitanFlex Hybrid Mattress with TitanCaliber Coils

Dreamfoam Mattress Reviews

1. Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind Mattress

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The Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind Mattress is a fundamental part of their collection of mattresses.

You’ll find a few layers of unique materials designed to work together for a more supportive and cooler night’s rest.


Let’s get into the most notable highlights of the Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind Mattress.

  • Under Ten Inches Height

Sleepers looking for a lower-profile mattress are bound to fall in love with the Unwind model.

It’s 9.5” thick, which makes it easy to fit on an assortment of beds, whether you have a platform or sleigh bed.

You’ll also find it fits most standard sheets, making it simpler to choose your ideal bedding.

  • Quilted Top Layer

The top layer of the Unwind Mattress is one of its most beneficial features.

Not only is the layer crafted from soft and plush quilting, but it also has a layer of gel-infused foam.

With this addition, you’ll have a softer sleeping surface with added breathability for temperature regulation.

  • Transitional Foam Layer

Beneath the quilted top layer, there’s a slab of transitional foam paired with six-inch Bonnell coils.

This layer is remarkable for adding ample support throughout the night while also isolating motion.

The Unwind Mattress helps absorb body movements for a more peaceful night’s rest if you sleep with a partner.

Another huge benefit of the Bonnell coils is they add ample support throughout the mattress.

Even if you sleep alone, you’ll find your weight is evenly distributed, helping relieve joint pain.

  • Added Structural Durability

Regardless of how much you spend on a mattress, you deserve to have a bed that will last years of regular use.

The final layer in this mattress is a 0.5” layer of base foam, which helps add durability and structural integrity.

Instead of dealing with a mattress that sinks too quickly after a few months, the Unwind Mattress effortlessly maintains its shape.


  • Expands quickly
  • Ample padding
  • No out-gassing odors
  • Helps alleviate back pain


  • Springs can poke through over time
  • Might squeak with regular use

2. Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress

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Pillow top mattresses have become all the rage as they’re known for their exceptional plush comfort.

The Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress is a fabulous option if you need medium support with softness.


Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive features of the Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress.

  • Three Thicknesses

One of the most considerable benefits of this mattress is that you can choose a thickness that matches your bed frame perfectly.

Also, they’re available in several sizes ranging from twin to California king.

Available in seven, nine, and 11 inches, there’s no doubt you can find the ideal height for your bed.

  • Dual-Layer Construction

Having multiple layers of material to keep your mattress comfortable is of the utmost importance.

The Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress has two layers designed for better support and comfort around your body’s most sensitive areas.

In the morning, you’ll feel far less stiffness and discomfort near your joints and other pressure points.

  • Good for All Positions

It can be challenging to find the perfect mattress designed for all types of sleepers.

The Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress is an excellent solution for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

With the plush padding at the top, you’ll find the mattress conforms to your contours, creating a personalized experience.

  • CertiPUR-US Certified

Finding a mattress made from approved and safe materials is essential for every member of your family.

The Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified.

You won’t find lead, mercury, or phthalates in the mattress, helping it exceed US health and safety standards.

  • Skin-Friendly Cover

It can be challenging to find mattresses that come with a soft and unobtrusive cover.

The Doze Plush Pillow Top Mattress is designed with a breathable knitted cover, helping promote plenty of airflow to keep you cool.

Also, this material helps wick away moisture, ensuring you wake up dry first thing in the morning.


  • No manufacturing odors
  • Expands relatively quickly
  • Plush pillow top
  • Medium-soft support


  • Sidewalls lack firmness
  • Doesn’t have carrying handles

3. Dreamfoam Bedding Polar Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress

41SLWTN2RrL. SL500

The Dreamfoam Bedding Polar Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress is a combination of everything you’d expect from a top-tier mattress.

Not only does it offer ample support with plush cushioning but also a cooling interior to help regulate your body temperature.


Let’s get into some of the best features of the Dreamfoam Bedding Polar Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress.

  • Multi-Layer Design

In this mattress, you’ll find multiple layers of materials that make it as comfortable as it is.

At the top, there’s just over an inch of cooling quilted foam, which helps to enhance air permeability.

There’s also an extra layer of 2.5” of gel memory foam, helping to reduce heat stored within the Polar Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress.

Under these layers, sleepers will have just over one inch of transitional comfort foam nestled on top of the coils.

As a hybrid mattress, you’ll find eight inches of encased coils that help to reduce motion transfer and add support.

There’s 0.75” of high-density base foam for the final layer, adding structural support to the entire unit.

  • Cool-To-Touch Quilted Foam Cover

Your mattress cover is one of the main features that can affect its breathability and overall comfort.

With the Dreamfoam Bedding Polar Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress, you have a cool-touch quilted foam cover.

Not only is the material soft, but it also helps to regulate the mattress’ temperature to help keep you cool.

Another benefit of these materials is that they help wick away moisture.

Sleepers who sweat at night will appreciate waking up cool and dry for the first time in a while.

  • CertiPUR-US Certified

A safe and eco-friendly sleeping surface is always recommended for the whole family.

The Polar Cushion Firm Eurotop Mattress is made from industry-leading materials that have been declared safe throughout the United States.

You’ll have peace of mind with a CertiPUR-US Certified mattress.


  • Soft and plush
  • Retains little to no heat
  • No off-putting odors
  • Very quiet coils


  • Lacking edge support
  • Sinks for heavier sleepers

4. Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

41RZwIhAZuL. SL500

As one of the more remarkable mattress models from Brooklyn Bedding Company, the Signature Hybrid Mattress is impressive.

It boasts patented technology designed to give you a more peaceful night’s rest.


There are a few great features you’ll love with this mattress after sleeping on it for the first time.

Let’s explore the benefits of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress.

  • Expert Design

The unique engineering that has gone into this mattress is one of its most notable features.

You’ll find it’s crafted using the most breathable materials on the market while also considering every sleeper.

There are 1024 individually encased coils within its layers for optimal support to offer a superior sleeping experience.

  • Three Comfort Levels

One of the unique features of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress is that it comes in three comfort levels.

Instead of being a one-size-fits-all product, you can have an extra layer of customization to meet your needs.

Also, this feature is ideal for accommodating the preferences for different sleeping positions.

You’ll be able to choose from firm, medium, and soft, depending on how you like to sleep.

Medium is highly recommended for combination sleepers, as it offers the optimal balance for contoured support.

Also, you’ll find medium works well for both you and your co-sleeper.

  • Patented TitanFlex Foam

As mentioned, the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress features patented technology that you won’t find elsewhere.

This tech is known as TitanFlex, a foam that has the customization of memory foam paired with cushioning similar to latex.

It can be incredibly beneficial to invest in a mattress designed to adapt to your specific needs while sleeping.

TitanFlex foam ensures the mattress adapts to your body’s unique shape, nestling you deeper into the bed.

Using this process helps alleviate significantly more pressure off your joints, helping you awaken more refreshed and pain-free.

  • TitaniumGel Infusion

Another unique component of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress is its use of TitaniumGel, a cooling material.

The upper foam layers of the mattress are treated with this material, optimizing the temperature of your mattress.

If you’re someone who finds it challenging to stay cool at night or if you sweat while asleep, you’ll love the comfort it offers.

  • Personalized Stitching

Speaking of the integrity of this mattress, you’ll find it outperforms many higher-end models from luxury manufacturers.

The unique personalized stitching ensures the mattress remains structurally sound after months of sleeping.

You’ll also have access to a fantastic ten-year no-hassle warranty, ensuring you have the best possible mattress at your disposal.


  • Comfortable like memory foam
  • Very cooling in summer
  • Enhances proper spine alignment
  • High-quality, soft materials


  • Softer than expected
  • Firmness is far too bouncy

5. Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress

If the Titan technologies in the Signature Hybrid Mattress piqued your interest, this model is even more impressive.

Designed with some unique features we’ve seen in a hybrid mattress to date, it’s a great option.


There’s no doubt there’s plenty to love with this mattress, especially for everyone in your family.

Let’s get into the most notable highlights of the Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress.

  • Multi-Layer Design

Like many other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, this hybrid-style sleeping surface has multiple layers.

The top layer is made from quilted gel memory foam, known for its temperature regulation to keep you cool.

Under this, you’ll find a two-inch layer of TitanFlex foam, a patented technology we explain in further detail below.

The Titan Mattress also features six inches of individually encase coils paired with a two-inch high-density base.

Overall, its construction is meant to withstand plenty of wear and tear over years of sleeping without losing support.

  • Targeted Pressure Point Relief

If you’re someone who deals with constant pressure on your sensitive joints, this mattress is a helpful solution.

All of the materials used in the Titan Mattress offer targeted pressure relief while adding exceptional alignment.

Regardless if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, you’ll find acute and chronic injuries are less sore in the morning.

  • TitanCaliber Coils

One of the more unique aspects of the Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress is its TitanCaliber coils.

These coils are crafted from industrial-strength materials, providing the most durable base possible.

You’ll also find the interior of the mattress has significantly increased support for your entire body.

  • Motion Isolation

When sleeping with a partner, it can be challenging not to wake up whenever they move.

Fortunately, the isolation of the TitanCaliber coils helps to reduce motion transfer by absorbing shock.

You’ll find you’re far less likely to notice your partner’s movements in the middle of the night.

  • TitanFlex Foam

Having a mattress with patented technologies is the best way to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind sleeping surface.

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress boasts TitanFlex foam, which is remarkable for responsive contouring.

It’s not often that you find a mattress that adapts to your body’s unique curves for a tailored sleeping experience.

Another considerable benefit of TitanFlex foam is that it helps to add to pressure relief.

If you continually deal with hip, back, or neck pain, sleeping on this high-density foam can help to reduce overall discomfort.

  • Plus-Size Sleep Solution

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress is for sleepers of every size, even plus-size users.

You’ll no longer have to worry about the materials not offering enough support for you and your partner’s weight.

The materials withstand plenty of pressure while staying structurally sound over months of continuous use.


  • Firm and comfortable
  • Holds its shape over time
  • Considerable pressure relief
  • No out-gassing odors


  • Sleeps slightly warm
  • Might feel too firm at first

Our Final Recommendation

Relying on Dreamfoam Mattress reviews can help you find the perfect mattress for every bedroom in your home.

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Mattress is our top choice, especially as it’s designed for sleepers of every size.

You’ll love the remarkable quality of its TitanCaliber shock-absorbing springs paired with pressure-relieving TitanFlex foam.

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