Can You Return a Mattress: A Detailed Guide

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With how intimate they are, it’s common to ask, “Can you return a mattress?”

Contrary to popular belief, it is popular to return some mattresses, and homeowners do so for many reasons.

Whether you find the sleeping surface uncomfortable or it has poor motion isolation, returning a mattress is easier than you might think.

Can You Return a Mattress?

With the high cost of most quality mattresses, you must get the most for your money.

Many homeowners agree as mattress returns are commonplace through both online and brick and mortar establishments.

Why Return a Mattress?

There are several reasons you might be considering returning your mattress, including:

Excessive Off-Gassing

This problem is particularly notable with mattresses in boxes, which is essential to note.

Off-gassing occurs when the materials within your mattress expand, releasing unappealing manufacturing odors.

Memory foam mattresses are particularly susceptible to off-gassing, which can make them challenging to sleep on.

Poor Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is one of the main reasons homeowners begin the hunt for a new mattress.

They may have found their existing model was too hot, preventing them from getting a peaceful night’s rest.

In these instances, returning the current mattress and replacing it with an alternative can be preferable.

Poor Motion Isolation

There’s nothing more frustrating than being woken up by every movement your partner makes at night.

Motion isolation is also important for those who sleep with their pets and children.

Some mattresses are better at absorbing shock than others, which is another popular reason for returns.

Pain and Discomfort

Above all else, people mainly return mattresses because they don’t target shoulder, neck, and back pain.

You might have found the display model for your particular mattress was more comfortable than the one you received.

If this is the case, it’s a far better option to return the mattress to the manufacturer than continue sleeping on it.

Steps To Get Started

If you’ve noticed your mattress doesn’t meet your standards, beginning the return process could be easier than you’d think.

Let’s go over the steps you can follow to begin the return process.

Step #1: Review the Return Policy

The first thing you’ll want to do before returning a mattress is to review the return policy for your model.

Ideally, you should have done this before purchasing since it can give you peace of mind before item delivery.

Fortunately, most retailers ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase by offering “sleep guarantees.”

With these guarantees, you’ll have a certain number of days to test out the mattress before the return window closes.

You should receive a full monetary refund within this time frame, and some retailers even offer free return shipping.

If you don’t have free return shipping, you’ll be responsible for those costs as well as other potential fees.

Step #2: Review the Warranty

Every quality mattress that you purchase online will come with a warranty protecting your purchase from defects.

Often, these warranties also give you coverage if you’re simply unhappy with your purchase.

Standard warranties last for a certain period, typically between five to ten years, like sleep guarantees.

With your warranty, you’ll not only be able to return your mattress if you’re dissatisfied but if it’s damaged.

However, there’s always fine print to consider with the terms and agreements of mattresses.

For example, if the damage is from personal use, the warranty might not cover it.

In many instances, warranties won’t give you your money back for your purchase.

Instead, you’ll receive a new mattress to replace the existing damaged model.

can you return a mattress to the store

Step #3: Request a Return

The next step of the process is to request a return authorization from the manufacturer.

It’s always best to reach out to customer service before returning a mattress to find the easiest way to handle the logistics.

With a return authorization, the company is aware that you will be making a return so they can prepare for it.

Once shipped, the company gets notified the product is in transit and en route to their warehouse or facility.

After the shipment is received, the mattress is marked as returned, and you’ll receive a potential refund.

Many manufacturers require you to get a return authorization before packing and shipping.

Step #4: Repackage the Mattress

Many homeowners decide not to return their mattresses because of the thought of repackaging.

This point is particularly true for boxed mattresses, as compressing them again is relatively impossible.

Thankfully, most manufacturers don’t require you to repackage your mattress before making a return.

Instead, they will dispatch associates to your home to pick the product up from your doorstep.

These individuals then take the mattress back to the warehouse for you, saving plenty of time and effort.

Step #5: Receive the Refund

The last step of returning a mattress is by far the simplest, as all you have to do is wait for your refund.

Depending on the company’s policy and how you made your purchase, most refunds get processed within two weeks.

Once the refund has been processed, you can then continue the hunt for your perfect mattress.

Top Retailer Return Policies

It’s important to remember that every mattress manufacturer will have its own list of requirements for returns.

Let’s review some of the top retailers and the policies they offer to their customers.


As one of the world’s largest retailers, you can guarantee Amazon has a generous return policy with mattresses.

You can return all mattresses purchased through Amazon using the tenets of their standard return policy.

These stipulations include:

  • You can return items shipped from Amazon within 30 days of receipt of shipment.
  • Some products have specific policies or requirements to consider.
  • Refunds are processed within three to five business days once the returned item is received.

When making a mattress return, you’ll work with the Large Items department, which schedules a pickup for the product.

Amazon will provide you with a date and time to expect the pickup to occur, making the process seamless.

However, refunds are entirely dependent on the seller, but most have flexible refund policies.


As one of the most popular bed-in-a-box companies, Casper has a fantastic return policy.

They offer a 100-night trial on most of their products and a 30-day trial for the rest.

If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, simply contact their customer care team to begin the return process.

Within the 100-day time frame, Casper sends a team to pack up and take the mattress away for you.

They then refund the original cost of the mattress to you in full.

What makes this company unique is that they fully recycle or donate every mattress returned.

Purple Mattress

Another popular mattress-in-a-box option is Purple, which has an adequate return policy.

You’ll have 100 days to test the mattress out to receive a full refund or an exchange.

Returns are just as simple as Casper; contact them to begin the return process.

The company then facilitates a team to pick up the mattress and provide you with a full refund.

The process is similar if you’re making an exchange, but you have 30 days to choose a new Purple mattress.


IKEA has been making significant strides in the return process, especially when it comes to mattresses.

Their return policy is incredibly generous, offering two distinct options for your purchases.

Mattress owners can either exchange the product within 365 days of purchase or return it for a full refund within 365 days.

With that said, before returning, the mattress must be free of stains and damage.

Also, you’ll need to provide the original method of payment as well as a photo ID to receive a refund.

Their return process differs from other companies because you’re responsible for bringing it back to the store.

Returning Mattresses

If you’re wondering, “Can you return a mattress?” the answer is yes in most instances.

As long as you review the return policy for your specific manufacturer, the process should be straightforward.

You deserve the best possible sleeping surface, so take advantage of returns if they’re offered!

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