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Tons of mattress manufacturers put up gimmicks to market their products. Many of them bank on the idea of sleep and the continuous yearning of people to have quality slumber. Purple, one of the leading brands, is making waves in the mattress industry for its unique technology and construction. On this review, we will take a comprehensive look on the Purple mattresses, Purple mattress vs. Casper, and what type of sleeper is best for this bed.

Since its founding in 2015, the Purple mattress has become of the famous bed-in-a-box retailer in the U.S., if not the whole world. They currently offer their flagship products: the Original and All-New Purple mattress. Aside from that, they also have pillows, sheets, pet beds, power bases, and more.

But the question here is this: is Purple mattress really a great invention, or is it just another passing fad? Here’s our opinion:

What is the Purple Mattress?

Unlike the usual solid foam mattresses, the Purple mattress has its exclusive column gel technology called the ‘Smart Grid’. This grid-like foam construction is said to provide comfort and defeat pressure points while you sleep.

Such grid polymer will be placed on top of two layers of foam. And since the foam and grid have a medium firmness, it has excellent conformity. It’s said to have “just the right feeling”.

They first offered their original mattress and then innovated with the All New Version. Later on this Purple mattress review, we’ll discuss the difference between the two and which should you buy.

Purple mattress vs. Casper

Purple is the brainchild of Terry and Tony Pearce who aren’t new to the field of foams. In the ‘90s, they started with Floam which is used for wheelchair and medical equipment cushioning. Later on, Floam produced toy products which became popular during that time.

After that, they experimented with the idea of using hyper-elastic polymer. With that, the Purple mattress was born. The makers of this mattress don’t use magic on their products. They utilize macromolecular science to achieve this new technology.


The Purple mattress is made of two major materials: polyfoam and the hyper-elastic polymer grid. The polymer grid serves as the comfort layer which is 2 inches tall. This material responds to pressure and to isolate motion with a little bounce. And if we’re going to talk about Purple mattress vs. Casper, the material would be a key consideration.

Since it’s a grid, the Purple mattress is said to distribute weight evenly while providing support. After that is the transition layer made of 3.25-inch poly foam. This is a high-dense foam that works for added compression and stability to the Smart Grid.

Lastly, we have the 4-inch base poly foam. This is denser than the transition layer and serves as the foundation of the mattress. This layer is important to maintain the shape of the bedding.

To make the grid polymer comfy to sleep at, the Purple mattress has a soft cover made of Lycra, polyester, and viscose. The best material here is Lycra which provides a stretchy feel as well as breathability.

And to prove the comfort and topnotch conformity of the mattress, Purple has taken on the challenge of showing their mattress with the “raw egg test”. This test has been known for decades to test if a mattress is soft enough to cradle the weight of a 300-pound glass (where the eggs are taped) without breaking the raw egg. Here’s how it goes:

Firmness Construction

When it comes to the firmness, the Purple mattress is very bouncy and soft on the top. It responds quickly to the applied pressure. But if you exert more force into, you’ll start to feel the transition layer below. Most mattresses tend to sag and sink on this part, but the good thing is that the polymer grid stays strong in handling and distributing weight.

Again, the raw egg test proved that the Purple mattress is firm enough to avoid sinking the sheet of glass. Still, it’s soft enough where it should be, on this case, the spot where the egg is attached.

When lying on it, you’ll feel the release of pressure from your neck, back, hip, and the back of your knees. It works in multiple sleeping positions which is excellent based on our Purple mattress review.

However, for those who are very light, the mattress may feel firm. This is because the person’s weight isn’t enough to collapse or compress the grid layer. This will later lead us to the Purple mattress vs. Casper argument.

Comfort and support

The fact that the polymer grid is excellent in distributing weight makes it true that the Purple mattress is golden when it comes to support. Although it conforms and hugs snugly, it doesn’t feel like you’re sinking into it.

The sinkage level of this mattress is pretty decent. To give you an idea, a 100-pound ball only sunk 5.5 inches deep on the mattress. The bed is soft but it won’t swallow you.

For those who are sharing the bed with someone else, edge support is also a crucial factor. A bed that doesn’t utilize every inch of the foam to offer support is a no-go. You will have more value for money if the mattress will support your weight even if you’re lying on the edge.

The Purple mattress is excellent on this part. We tried lying down on the edge and the feeling is even. It feels like you’re still in the middle of the bed. Even if you change position, there’s no feeling of rolling or falling out of bed.

Sleep trial

If you’re skeptic about marketing ploys, the Purple mattress allows a 100-night trial so you can get a good feel of their bed. This is already a lavish allowance since the foam will usually stabilize in just a matter of three days.

After the trial and you plan to keep it, the mattress will be covered by the 10-year warranty. Shipping is free in the U.S. and you should expect it to come in a compressed bag.

Original vs All New Purple mattress review

The Original Purple mattress is what we’ve discussed earlier in the material section. It’s made of a polymer grid top and two layers of polyfoam. It’s the very first mattress product of the Purple brand. As for the All-New Purple, the base foam is replaced with responsive coils for a better motion isolation.

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the Original Purple and the New Purple:

Top layer2 inches of polymer gridMore options for polymer
grid thickness: 2, 3,
and 4 inches
CoverMedium stretch made of
Knit Fabric: 30%
Viscose, 65% Polyester,
5% Lycra
StretchMax that stretches
in line with thickness of
the grid: Knit fabric
of 98% polyester &
2% spandex
Base layer2 layers of foam for support2 thinner layers of foam
but with responsive coils
in the middle
right at your doorstep
Due to the addition of the
coils, the delivery
would be via
in-home setup

The New Purple offers more personalization and customization based on your needs. This way, even those on the heavier side can enjoy the comfort of the mattress. Take note, though, that the New Purple is pricier than the original model. Anyway, it’s the right bargain for the addition of the responsive coils.

Both the Original Purple and New Purple are expected to last at least 7 years of regular use.


The Purple mattress comes in five sizes while the All-New Purple has four size selections. Here’s a quick look at the sizing of these mattresses. Take note that the “Full” size isn’t available to the New Purple Mattress:

Twin Extra Long38W” x 80L”9 1/2″ (Purple)
11″ (New Purple)
12″ (New Purple)
13″ (New Purple)
Full54W” x 75L”1/2″ (Purple)
Queen60W” x 80L”9 1/2″ (Purple)
11″ (New Purple)
12″ (New Purple)
13″ (New Purple)
King76W” x 80L”9 1/2″ (Purple)
11″ (New Purple)
12″ (New Purple)
13″ (New Purple)
California King72W” x 84L”9 1/2″ (Purple)
11″ (New Purple)
12″ (New Purple)
13″ (New Purple)


The Purple mattress won’t be popular without good reasons. So based on our experience on this Purple mattress review, here are some of the pros of having this bed:

It’s cooler, especially the New Purple, than most mattresses.  I guess it has something to do with the gaps in the polymer grid. It conforms to the body very well but it’s not as hot as sleeping on memory foam.

It conforms well and it’s great in reducing pressure points and pain.

The two models offer variety both in the functions and price. You can also choose the firmness and thickness of the mattress as you wish.

The mattresses have excellent support and motion isolation. Every inch is crafted to be comfy to sit or lie at.


Like any other bed, the Purple Mattress has some downsides. But for us, these aren’t much of a deal-breaker if you’re really looking for comfort:

The mattresses are heavy and a bit difficult to move, especially the New Purple. Still, the manufacturer offers free in-home setup if you’re in the U.S.

The Original Purple has less edge support than the New Purple.

The New Purple is expensive but with the added features.

Is this suited for me?

We always get this question for every mattress we review, but we always say that the answer lies on the person’s sleeping requirement. So to buy or not buy, this is what we have to say:

Buy it if…

You are a combination sleeper. Both the Original and New Purple mattresses are made to conform to the body to reduce pressure points. Regardless if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, pressure map tests showed that these mattresses are excellent in weight distribution.

You are looking for something that lasts. Yes, the Purple mattresses are expensive, but they always equate it with durability. Based on our personal experience on this Purple mattress review, this is really going to last long.

You are a hot sleeper. If you sweat like a horse while sleeping, you’ll find comfort with the Purple mattresses. There’s a lot of airflow going on in the polymer grid.

Don’t buy it if…

You don’t like a squishy feeling. The polymer grids of the Purple mattresses are made squishy to cushion the whole body. But we know that it’s not for everyone. If you think you can’t get used to it, look for another mattress. Anyway, there are 100 nights for Purple mattresses to change your mind.

You are lightweight. If you’re thinner and lighter than most people, you may not reap the most pressure-relieving benefits of the Purple mattress. You have to exert pressure on the polymer grid to experience its conforming effect. With that, the mattress suits only those who have moderate to large body sizes. Read the Purple mattress vs. Casper below for more recommendations.

You are on a budget. The Purple mattresses are relatively expensive. Still, this is going to be a one-time investment that will last for years.

How does it fare with the Casper mattress?

If there’s one brand that gives Purple a run for its money, it would be Casper. With that, we arrived at the Purple mattress vs. Casper argument.

First, both of these mattresses are excellent for combination sleepers, but their construction is way different. The Purple has its patented gel grid while the Casper brand sticks to the conventional foam material.

If you’re a bit heavy, the Purple is great but if you’re lightweight, the Casper mattresses might be a better option.

Nevertheless, both these brands are on the steep side. So whatever you choose, it all boils down to personal preference sans the price factor.

As for the comfort, both these beds have porous covers that are cool to the body. The sinkage is also decent.

With this, the Purple mattress vs. Casper is a matter of knowing what you want and where you’ll be comfortable at.

Purple mattresses have been a big boom for the past years. It claims to have helped half a million people have better sleep. And based on our observations, that could probably be true.

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