Are You Supposed To Flip Your Mattress: The Facts You Need To Know

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Homeowners often find themselves asking, “Are you supposed to flip your mattress?”

As a tip that’s circulated through the bedding industry for decades, flipping your mattress can make a considerable difference.

Before you flip your mattress, there are several things to consider to ensure it remains in its most comfortable shape.

Why Should You Flip Your Mattress?

It’s important to think of how your mattress is designed to understand the benefits of flipping it.

With the soft and plush surface layers, your body is bound to make an imprint after months of sleep.

This point is particularly true for people who sleep with a partner, as you’ll notice more signs of wear.

When you flip your mattress, you’re unlocking a relatively brand new surface to sleep on.

You’ll no longer have to worry about imprints taking away from the general comfort of your bed.

It’s also a fantastic way to prolong the lifespan of your mattress, as you’re distributing your weight on both sides.

Should You Flip or Rotate Your Mattress?

With proper maintenance, likely, you won’t have to worry about flipping or rotating your mattress for a while.

However, when you’ve begun to notice it’s less comfortable than usual, it could be time to flip or rotate it.

Not all mattresses are designed to be flipped, and others can benefit greatly from being rotated.


When you rotate your mattress, you’ll be turning it 180 degrees to distribute wear across the sleeping surface evenly.

Once rotated, your head will rest where your feet used to be and vice versa.

By rotating, you can help prevent signs of wear in one spot on your mattress over years of use.


On the other hand, flipping your mattress can be a great way to prevent wear and tear.

You can easily use the other side as long as you have a mattress designed to be flipped.

You’ll find that flipping gives you twice as much longevity out of a single mattress.

Are You Supposed To Flip Your Mattress?

Not every mattress is designed to be flipped, which is important to consider when buying a new bed.

Some models have specific materials that give you support but lack this comfort on the other side.

Let’s take a look at what types of mattresses you should and shouldn’t flip.

Innerspring Mattresses: Yes and No

Innerspring mattresses are the most traditional type of mattress on the market, as they’ve been used for decades.

These sleeping surfaces feature a comfortable layer of material at the top with coils or springs on the interior.

With the help of the springs, your weight gets evenly distributed across the sleeping surface, providing ample support.

Interestingly, most innerspring mattresses are specifically designed to be flipped and/or rotated over the years.

As you wear down the buoyancy of the internal springs, you’ll want to consider flipping the mattress.

On the other side, you’ll find far more support that can return your bed to its original comfort.

However, not all innerspring mattresses are made the same, and some of the more luxurious options aren’t meant to be flipped.

It’s crucial to consider how your mattress is made, as it might be lacking support and comfort on the underside.

If you have a pillowtop innerspring mattress, for example, the underside won’t have supportive padding.

are you supposed to flip your mattress

Memory Foam Mattresses: Yes and No

Like innerspring mattresses, memory foam models are known for their exceptional comfort.

You can flip some models, although the majority are better suited rotated.

The majority of modern memory foam mattresses get comprised of several layers designed for support.

They have a supportive base with several layers of memory foam on top, helping alleviate joint pain.

If you were to flip the mattress, you’d be sleeping directly on the hardened base rather than the plush memory foam.

Also, your weight would push the memory foam into your bed’s base, ruining its integrity.

That said, you can flip some memory foam mattresses.

If you find a sleeping surface made of a single, thick layer of memory foam, it’s best to flip it over the years.

As long as there’s no layering that could take away from the ergonomic benefits of your bed, it’s worth a try.

Hybrid Mattresses: No

Hybrid mattresses are incredibly comfortable and combine the benefits of innerspring and memory foam beds.

Their unique design gives you ample support paired with plush comfort, making them a fan favorite.

However, the vast majority of models aren’t designed for flipping.

Most hybrid mattresses have layers similar to memory foam beds, with one of the lower layers having springs.

On top of the springs, you’ll find memory foam padding to act as a shield between your body and the bed.

If you were to flip your mattress, you’d be sleeping directly on top of the coils, which would be anything but comfortable.

The Benefits of Flipping a Mattress

Aside from having a newer sleeping surface to put to good use, there are a couple of notable benefits to flipping your mattress.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons.

1. Reduced Allergens

When you put your new mattress on your bed, it will begin attracting allergens from day one.

The more often it’s exposed to dust, pollen, and dander, the more the fibers can become a hazard for those with respiratory issues.

By flipping your mattress, you can have a cleaner sleeping surface to alleviate congestion in the mornings.

2. Extended Lifespan

There’s no doubt that mattresses can be a significant investment, and you’ll want to keep yours for as long as possible.

When you flip your mattress, you’re doubling its life expectancy, helping prevent you from buying a new bed.

3. Distributing Wear

When your body leaves an imprint while sleeping, your mattress will begin to sink over time.

Opting to flip your mattress allows you to push out any imprints on the other side, returning the bed to normal.

Over time, you might even find you can flip it back to its original side to extend its life even longer.

Final Thoughts

Answering, “Are you supposed to flip your mattress?” can help you make the most of your favorite sleeping surface.

Not only does it help you keep the same mattress for longer, but it can also enhance the quality of your sleep.

Whether you flip or rotate your mattress, it’s an essential task for every bed owner.

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