7 Exceptional Benefits of a Waterbed You May’ve Never Known!

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The ‘60s are the heydays of waterbeds. A lot of people are amazed how a bed can be filled with water and be slept at without leaking. It turned out that waterbeds aren’t just fads. The benefits of a waterbed are undeniable. In fact, a doctor during the 1800s first came up with the idea of waterbeds as a means to reduce bed sore for bedridden patients. It’s only in the late ‘60s when Californian college student Charlie Hall presented it as his master’s thesis that waterbeds became popular.

As for me, I have a rather funny introduction to waterbeds. I was a kid watching Edward Scissorhands as he frantically tries to get up from Kim’s (Winona Ryder) waterbed. Years after, I found myself lying on this marvelous piece of jelly.

Aside from being a vanity, waterbeds are staples for people with serious physical conditions. Waterbed lets the body float and it will always go back to its original flat surface. Waterbeds never sag, unless it leaked. Now you ask, where can I buy a waterbed? It’s everywhere in Amazon.

So to give you an idea about how waterbeds are beneficial, check these points:

It’s for therapy

Waterbeds are initially made for bedridden people. Since too much friction on the mattress can cause bed sores, the water surface will provide a floating feeling. It will reduce the force the skin endures when lying on a typical bed. A lot of medical experts recommend this to their patients suffering from cystic fibrosis, paralysis, orthopedic problems, and even those who are recovering from surgery and auto accidents.

Since water is highly fluid, it conforms to the shape of the body and provides optimal support. It distributes weight equally for better spinal alignment and pain reduction. For those confined in wheelchairs and beds, waterbeds can help prevent the development of decubitus ulcer.

Insomnia no more

About 30% of Americans experience insomnia. One reason for this is the pressure and discomfort their body experiences when lying on a typical mattress. Since waterbeds are excellent in releasing pressure points, the sleeper will have a more relaxed feeling that will help in falling asleep. Experts found waterbeds to help in increasing sleep time.

Arthritis support

Waterbeds are the gentlest surfaces to sleep at. It’s close to floating in the air. With this, people with arthritis find it excellent in supporting their joints and easing the pain. Not just that, waterbeds are also recommendable for individuals with rheumatism, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and other back issues.

In fact, waterbeds are being used on hospitals in the U.S., Australia, and Europe. Doctors found out that it’s comfortable to sleep at even for patients who have to lie down on their stomachs.

Sore relief

Studies found that people who use waterbeds while experiencing pain will heal three times faster than lying on a foam mattress. And for pregnant women, waterbeds are great in reducing hip strain and other discomforts.

Waterbeds are excellent in fighting bed sore. Also, a report on the Journal of American Medical Association stated that patients who used waterbeds haven’t developed ulcers related to being confined in a wheelchair or bed.

Waterbeds help in improving circulation all over the body which helps in reducing localized pressure. It’s just some of the benefits of a waterbed.

Best for preemies and newborn

Hospitals have been using crib-sized waterbeds for premature babies. This helps reduce pressure points that may compromise their growth. Such a thing is very important as newborns are usually susceptible to injuries caused by stiff surfaces.

Experts also found that waterbeds help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome among babies. It cushions their soft bones and ensures that there’s no impediment on their blood circulation.

benefits of a waterbed

Allergy relief

Do you end up sneezing and coughing when lying on a foam mattress? Waterbeds are excellent options for people who have chronic allergies. Aside from the fact that it won’t accumulate dust, it won’t harbor critters as well. Since it’s easy to clean and perfectly sealed, there’s no way that it would induce allergies.

A vinyl waterbed is the best option as it repels dust and mites. It will also be easier to maintain and clean if you’re worried about leaks and setup.  So where can I buy a waterbed? It’s available online and in physical stores.

Customizable for every user

Since all of us have varying sleeping needs, especially those who have physical impairments, waterbeds are excellent choices. Modern versions utilize separate water chambers that allow it to be heated or firmed based on the sleeper’s preference. This makes it a good choice for those who share their bed with someone else.

Waterbeds are also easy to heat up since it’s filled with water. You don’t have to worry since waterbeds are cool during summer and can be warmed up during winter.

Here’s the question at the back of your mind: how’s sex on a waterbed?

I know that when you consider buying a waterbed, this question crept at the back of your mind. Well, practically, it’s quiet and a good option if your current mattress is creaking like hell when you’re on it. Waterbeds also have a good bounce and it’s easy to clean if ever things get messed up.

However, waterbeds also produce unwanted movement as the water inside sloshes in different ways. Still, it depends on how you want your intimate moments to go. So you ask: where can I buy a waterbed?


Waterbeds have been popular across the world. Although the hype has toned down these days, it’s still being used in hospitals and homes. It’s a very versatile bed that although challenging to set up, is still beneficial for the body.

If you keep in waking up in pain, maybe it’s time to explore this unique option. Since it doesn’t use any foam or springs, waterbeds are way cheaper than any other type of bedding. With all the benefits of a waterbed, it’s simply irresistible.

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  1. My dad’s back hurts from working. I never knew that a waterbed reduces the force the skin endures when lying on a typical bed. Thank you for the information. I’ll buy a waterbed for my dad so he can relax and reduce the pain on his back.

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