Should I Buy A Mattress Topper? Advice Please!

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There’s one question we often get: why buy a mattress topper? This extra layer of foam seems to be unnecessary – which is actually true in some cases – but it has its own purpose. It’s an added cushion if ever your choice of mattress can no longer suit your sleeping needs. Also, it’s commonly confused to another bedding called mattress pads. These two are different items which we will discuss later on.

For starters, one thing is for sure: mattress toppers aren’t just additional inches on your bed. Of course, it can work as an added elevation, but you can maximize its function with a few tips.

Buying a topper is another expense for sleepers. So to help you decide whether you need this piece or not, here are our insights:

Purpose of mattress toppers

Mattress toppers are sheets of removable foam that are placed on top of your bed. This is usually used to augment the lack of support of the current mattress. It can also supplement the comfort level of the mattress or solve the limitations of your bed. Instead of buying another mattress, you can use a topper to achieve the firmness that you want. Also, if your mattress has aged, you can use a topper to extend its life.

Toppers and mattresses look like the same thing, aside from the fact that the former is thinner. Also, these two are designed for different purposes. But should I buy a mattress topper? This post will guide you.

Some call toppers as mattress pads. However, this is a separate sheet which we will discuss later on for the sake of organization.

Aside from leveling up your comfort level, a mattress topper can also serve as protection against bugs and mites on your bed. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone if your house is experiencing the itchy night bites. Why buy a mattress topper? The critters should be enough of a reason.

Mattress toppers are also the quick fixes for your new mattress that turned out to be very firm or very soft. As long as you get the right topper, this would do the trick.

Limitations of using a mattress topper

First of all, mattress toppers aren’t the sole solution to your bed problems. It’s just a complementary piece that will put on an added cushion during your sleep. Still, it’s not without some limitations.

If you have a worn out mattress where some parts are sagging or the springs are poking out, toppers are of no use here. You’ll just slump a layer of foam that will soon get damaged as well. What you need here is a mattress mg1071-20nt. Although toppers work on old mattresses, it’s not a piece of magic.

Also, if you prefer a topper with even surfaces, there’s a chance that it will slip out of place. This unwanted mobility can happen to those who have restless legs or during intimate moments. It can be a cause of discomfort, but the quick fix here is using anti-slip sheets.

Toppers also get worn out easily since it has a thinner size. You would have to replace it more often than the mattress which can be both good and bad. Should I buy a mattress topper? If you’re still saving up for a new mattress, a topper would be an excellent alternative for the meantime.

Lastly, your topper may not always meet the size of your mattress. You’re lucky if yours did. But more often, it would be smaller by a few inches.

Mattress topper vs. mattress pads

Mattress pads are just thin, almost comforter-like layers of bedding intended to provide comfort on the bed. It’s usually used as a protector for the mattress. The good thing about this bedding, though, is it comes with a fitted skirt or straps to fit on your bed. It’s fixed but way thinner than toppers. Why buy a mattress topper? Pads might be too thin for you.

Mattress pads are usually used to waterproof the mattress without using a protector. It’s also useful in muffling sounds of the spring mattress that’s starting to give out noisy squeaks. Aside from that, mattress pads are designed to block mites and bugs from harboring in your bed.

On the other hand, toppers are like thicker versions of mattress pads. It sits freely on top of the mattress which acts as an extension since it’s mostly made of foam. In fact, it’s made from the usual mattress materials like memory foam, latex foam, and so on.

The choice between these two beddings boils down to your personal preference. If you love the firmness of your mattress but you’re looking for more comfort, a pad will do. But if your bed is starting to lose its firmness, you can use a topper as a quick fix.

Should I buy a mattress topper?

So here we go on the question that possibly gave some a few sleepless nights. Funny as it sounds, but the answer to this question will lead us to another query: what do you want to achieve? Like what I said earlier, this is a matter of personal preference. If you think you’ll get more comfortable with it, give it a try. Some topper manufacturers are thoughtful enough to provide sleep trials.

A lot of us don’t notice that our mattresses are slowly withering away to wear and tear. It becomes less firm and comfortable one tiny bit each night. If you have the moment, assess your bedding. Are there compacted spots? Is the side where you sleep already sagging? Does it produce annoying sounds? If your answers to these are mostly yes but you don’t have the money to buy a new bed, it’s probably time to invest in a topper instead.

Why buy a mattress topper? Personally, I invested in a topper for one unexpected reason. The mattress I purchased turned out to be firmer than what’s advertised. For some reasons, I wanted to keep it so I just put a topper on it and everything went perfectly.

Another great reason for buying a topper is if you and your partner have different preferences on mattress firmness. If you prefer the current softness of your bed but your partner doesn’t, you can put a topper on his side to settle the issue.

Types of mattress topper

Like mattresses, toppers vary in the material. This is so you can pick the right firmness that you want. Should I buy a mattress topper? Here are five of the common types for your perusing:

-Memory foam






Memory foam is probably one of the greatest inventions next to sliced bread. It comes in different thickness and firmness, but one thing is sure: it conforms to the body and weight of the sleeper. Memory foams are champs in cushioning and supporting spine alignment.

The only issues associated with mattress toppers are it’s hot to sleep on and it’s quite difficult for the sleeper to toss and turn in bed. Why buy a mattress topper is no longer a question here. It’s more about which one you should get.


Latex is the most common type of topper that can either be natural and synthetic depending on what you prefer. It has a firm but bouncy feel plus you’ll enjoy its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic characteristics (except if you have a latex allergy). Should I buy a mattress topper? Latex toppers offer excellent motion isolation, thus a great choice for those with arthritis and joint issues.

However, latex toppers are on the steep side, especially the natural latex material.


If you want to have that ‘regal feel’, feather toppers would be for you. It’s like a duvet stuffed with furthers for extreme softness. However, it doesn’t offer any support and some sleepers are allergic to feathers. If you’re interested in this kind of topper, be sure that you don’t have allergies toward it.

This is cheap and easy to sleep on. The problem is that the feather shafts might stick out of the fabric and it can be crinkly too. Period shrinking is also a problem with featherbeds.


If you’re looking for a cheap topper, you can gamble with the polyester blends. It offers moderate softness without the initial odor of foam materials. Polyester is the usual substitute topper for those who have foam and feather allergies. The problem here, though, is that polyester toppers don’t provide much support and it compresses over time. Still, it’s fine if you’re just buying time to save more for a new mattress without spending more bucks. Why buy a mattress topper? It’s a matter of saving some bucks.


Wool is the perfect material for those looking for softness and support without the heat. It feels cool in summer and warm in winter which makes it a very versatile material. Wool is easy to sleep on and it won’t hinder movement. Although there’s a mild sheep smell at the start, this is hypoallergenic.

The only problem with wool toppers is it’s difficult to find. And if ever you find a legit piece, it would be very expensive. So should I buy a mattress topper made from this? It’s up to you.

What to look for in a mattress topper

There are many mattress toppers in the market so you should be meticulous in choosing one. Always consider what you want or need and you’ll never go wrong. Here are some of the points to consider:

Support, firmness, and pain relief

Do you want more support for your back? Latex and memory foam are the best picks. These are excellent in supporting body shape and weight. Still, this depends on what you want to achieve.


Is the material hot to sleep on? Does it transmit motion? Why buy a mattress topper? These three questions are just some of the determiners of comfort. Always define your sleep goals to achieve total comfort.

Density and thickness

Usually, toppers would have a thickness of about 2-8 inches. The more your mattress is worn out, the thicker the topper should be. The thickness should be proportionate to your weight as well.

Sleep trial

Should I buy a mattress topper right away? You’ll only get a feel of the topper if you sleep on it. Topper manufacturers offer different sleep trial allowances. Most of the time, it would be at least 30 nights.


Of course, you don’t want to break the bank just to get a topper. You don’t want to spend on cheap bedding either. A high price doesn’t guarantee comfort and quality.

Our mattress topper recommendations

Comparison Chart

LUCID 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Ventilated Design – Ultra-Plush
Zinus 2 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

LUCID 2 Memory Foam Mattress Topper


If you prefer a memory foam topper, you’ll get a nice bargain with the LUCID 2. It’s best for those looking for softness minus the thickness. This topper is just two-inch thick but it’s extra plush and ventilated enough to make it cool to sleep on. It even has a cool gel technology to defeat the hotness usually associated with memory foams. Why buy a mattress topper? I think LUCID 2 is enough to answer that.

Just wait for 48 hours for the foam to stabilize straight from the box. There would be a little smell to it the first time you hop on the bed, but it will dissipate after a few hours. Just put a sheet on it and the odor will be gone.

Overall, this is a jewel for those who are sored due to their stiff mattresses. The best thing is it stays in place and comfortable even for those with joint issues.

Zinus 2 Green Tea Memory Foam Topper

Should I buy a mattress topper? If you want a thinner topper that won’t look like it’s actually there, check out the Zinus 2. It’s just 1.5-inch thick and it’s infused with an interesting ingredient:  green tea. The green tea and castor oil extracts infused on this topper are said to provide anti-bacterial and odor-eliminating benefits. It also has active charcoal to absorb moisture for a fresh sleep.

Although it’s thin, the density of this memory foam is far from egg crate pads. You can also roll it and toss it away if you’re not in the mood for some memory foam slumber.

Take note, though, that this is on the very soft side. It wraps the body to the point that it’s a bit hot to sleep on. But overall, it’s still a great topper during winter for added warmth.

So why buy a mattress topper? I hope I’d answered this on this post. Toppers are helpful in achieving more comfort on your mattresses. Although it’s not imperative to purchase, it surely makes a difference having one.

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