What to Look for When Buying a Mattress Online? Oh Yes Indeed!

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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you and I can now buy anything and everything we want and need at the comforts of our own home. Whether it’s shoes, clothing, gadgets, even groceries, there is undoubtedly an app or online store willing to take care of it for you. And Yes, the growing e-commerce market ventured out in providing convenience for those who are buying a mattress online as well.

Unfortunately, unlike walk-in retail stores, most online shops are not as heavily regulated by trading laws. You can’t know or test the product immediately before purchasing it. When buying a mattress online, this could be a hassle since you need to know if this specific mattress fits precisely to your needs.

That is why as a consumer, you need to be extra vigilant as to where you order your mattress needs. Here is what to look for when buying a mattress in an online store:

Presentation of Products and Prices

A lot of us agree that we tend to get skeptical when a particular ad for a product thoroughly lacks in visual content. For example, they only have one picture of the product, or they don’t list down the exact price.

Ads like this clearly show that the seller is just in it to sell the product and get your money instead of providing what you need as a consumer. Otherwise, he or she would have put in the effort in giving all and any information about the product. This includes posting pictures (preferably with measurements of the product) and the exact price point.

Now, let’s talk about the price. In buying a mattress online, the price is not really the best indicator. If there is one moment in your life wherein you need to splurge on something important, make it your mattress. After all, you will be spending about a third of your life on it. So, might as well get the best one out there, right?

An excellent mattress from a  well-known manufacturer may cost at least $800 to $1,200 depending on the type:

Types of Mattress

  • Innerspring mattresses: one of the most common and the cheapest variant. Two or three layers of steel spring coils of varying height and thickness make up the inner workings of the bed. The higher the number of coils, the better the support and comfort it provides. The downside is that it falls apart quickly. Replace if the coils inside start to squeak when you move around.
  • Memory foam mattresses: made purely of foam, so it gives perfect back and joint support. It provides you that “hug” feel as you sink deep in it. Unfortunately, because of the material, it is relatively pricier than the other types. Also, the cheaper ones easily absorb heat, making it difficult to sleep in during summer seasons.
  • Hybrid mattresses: a combination of the steel spring coils and the memory foam. It combines the best of both world by filling in what the other lacks. The spring coils provide the cooling effect the memory foam lacks, while the latter gives the body contouring feature that the innerspring cannot provide. Finding a high-quality one that fits exactly for your needs may be difficult, though, since there is no standardized percentage as to what makes the perfect hybrid mattress.
  • Air mattresses: the most durable and expensive out of all the types. If you have a partner in bed, you can find one wherein you can customize your half of the bed depending on how firm you want it through an air pump. It also gives the “hug” feel since the air can easily contour around the body.

Another factor that can affect the price is the bed size. Of course, the bigger the mattress, the more expensive it can be. Thankfully, some online stores offer promo codes by affiliating with different online marketplaces. You just have to be patient enough to scour the Internet for one.

Is there a difference in price if I buy a mattress online instead of in a retail store?

The one significant advantage of buying a mattress online instead of in a physical store is that online prices are far cheaper. Unlike the retail shop, online stores need not bother about overhead costs of maintaining a physical establishment (electricity, water, commissions of the salespeople). The online store’s markup is low, which makes them eligible to sell their products at a lower price.

What to Look For When Buying a Mattress: Pictures and price point. The former is for you to see what it would look like once you receive it, and the latter is for you to see if the model is worth the investment based on its features.

Product Description, Specifications, Features, and Add-ons

Pictures of the product are not enough to showcase the look and quality when buying a mattress online. The price point is also not a good indicator of both. As a consumer, we want concrete, tangible numbers and descriptions to see if the model is precisely what we need.

An excellent online ad for buying a mattress online does not scrimp on providing the product description, specifications, and features. It should have the type of mattress, the measurements, the materials used, and additional features that make it stand out from other models.

Product specs are essential when you’re making a comparison between different models. In buying a mattress online, you want to make sure that you are comparing two apples instead of an apple and an orange, more so if your budget is limited.

Some manufacturers are rich enough to provide videos and blog articles that further emphasizes the makeup of the model. Make the most out of it by searching and consuming these media.

The difference of buying online instead of a physical store is the add-ons. Some retail shops offer additional freebies such as free pillows or bed covers as a way to earn your trust, whereas online stores only have the mattress itself. You are lucky if you can find an online seller who gives out add-ons aside from the actual product itself.

What to Look For When Buying a Mattress: complete, detailed information about the product is one good indicator that the seller is legitimate and care about you as a customer.

Certification from Reputable Organisations

Numerous studies proved how essential the mattress is in providing a good night’s sleep and in maintaining our health and wellbeing in general. That is why a lot of organizations that advocate the importance of sleep quality gives out certificates of recognition to mattress manufacturers that are providing high-quality mattresses to the public.

An example of certification you can look for is CertiPUR. They give out certificates for mattress manufacturers that do not use dangerous substances like mercury, lead, and formaldehyde in their product. This is essential especially if you plan to purchase an innerspring mattress.

What to Look for When Buying a Mattress: a certificate of recognition cannot be bought. It can only be awarded. Having one means that the store is a trustworthy manufacturer and distributor of the product.

Contact Information

One obvious downside of buying a mattress online is the risk of being scammed. As an online buyer, you practically have one foot in the grave since you don’t really know if the seller you are eyeing is legitimate (unless you already bought from him or her before and it was a pleasant experience).

One way for you to avoid falling victim of bogus sellers is by checking their contact information. Legitimate e-commerce sellers exhaust all means to provide the best customer experience to potential clients. That means giving their email addresses and contact number to accommodate any questions you may have.

Another way for you to check their legitimacy is by checking out the mode of payments available. Having Paypal as one of their options is a high indicator that they are the real deal since the company has stringent measures when it comes to monitoring the identities of the merchants who use their services.

Before entering your credit card information, however, steal one quick glance to their website URL. An address that starts with “https” indicates that the site is safe and secure against potential hackers that could steal your personal information. Think twice about buying from the store if your web browser specifically indicates that the site is “Not secure.”

What to Look for When Buying a Mattress: contact information of the seller for any queries you may have about the model, an “https” in the website URL to show that the site is safe against hackers, and Paypal as one of their mode of payment.

Trial Period Offers and Warranties

Another risk that customers face when buying a mattress online is the fact that they cannot test or try out the product until it shows at their doorstep. Because of this, you don’t have any idea if your chosen model fits precisely to your needs and if you can sleep well in it.

That is why some manufacturers offer a trial period of at least 30 days for those who want to try the mattress first before making an actual purchase. Some even allow about 100 days to further encourage the buyer to keep the product. Only legitimate sellers are brave enough to offer such service to their customers.

Some customers still want to physically try it out as soon as they see the model that they like online. Ask the manufacturer if they have a showroom near your area that showcases the particular model that you want.

While this is an okay move for you as a customer, you must remember to approach showrooms with caution. The mattresses that are commonly on display there may not sufficiently exhibit the quality of the actual product. A lot of people may have already tried testing the mattress. This leads to a gradual deterioration of the material.

Once you have finally decided on the model, familiarize yourself with the warranty included in the purchase. It must be stated clearly on their site so that you know what to do when problems arise.

If some of the guidelines are unclear or questionable, you must be able to contact them easily. A legitimate online store should be able to accommodate your concerns openly and concisely.

What to Look for When Buying a Mattress: either a trial period of about 30 days or more or a nearby showroom where you can see and test the product you are eyeing on before purchasing. They must also have to have available terms and conditions on their website.

Should I trust online reviews?

You are probably asking: can I use online reviews as an indicator of how good a product is? The answer is Yes and No.

There is nothing wrong with checking out reviews from online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, for example. You can also try searching for influencers who have posted a review in social media. Or you don’t have to go far; some company manufacturer’s websites have testimonials and reviews featured in them.

However, you must take any opinion with a grain of salt, especially if the reviews claim that the mattress is “comfortable” and “firm” for them. Remember that most of us have varying degrees and definitions of touch and comfort. What’s comfortable for a specific influencer may be too firm or uncomfortable for you.

That is why we recommend you take advantage of trial periods being offered by stores before buying a mattress online. Thankfully, a lot of mattress manufacturers provide such in their respective online stores.

Final Verdict

Before buying a mattress online, check the credibility of the website you are visiting to avoid falling into a scam. After all, your life (specifically your sleep quality) and your hard-earned money are at stake here. A real mattress online store-or any store for that matter-cares about their customers, meaning you. Take your time in educating yourself about the brands out there before finally arriving at a decision. Happy hunting!

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