6 Steps to Clean That Smelly Mattress Pee Immediately!

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Urine doesn’t just leave unpleasant stains on the mattress, it will also smell bad. Kids – and adults, let’s admit it – can sometimes fail to hold their bladder. This results in a disaster of mattress cleaning. With the foam soaked in the human fluid, how on Earth will you be able to make it fresh again? Knowing how to clean mattress with pee is the answer.

Although wetting the bed is a part of growing up for most kids, it’s not really fun on the part of the parents. You simply can’t ignore the urine stain and let it dry on itself. Although the moisture will be gone on the top, there will still be wetness inside the foams and springs. And guess what, it doesn’t smell so nice.

You can use home remedies or commercial products in cleaning your mattress. But make sure that all these are safe for the person who will be sleeping on the bed. For a quick guide, here is a step-by-step suggestion from our team:

Step 1 – Remove the excess moisture

Right after you notice the soaked mattress, grab paper towels and try to blot the excess urine. Remember not to rub the pee spot since this will only make the issue worse. Don’t try to press it too much since the pee will go deeper on the bed. After you’ve blotted it, strip the covers and prepare the following materials:

Baking soda



Paper towels

Spray bottle

These materials will become clearer in a few steps. Make sure that you’ve dealt with the sleeping arrangement as this process will take a night or two depending on the extent of the pee.

Step 2 – Then vinegar

After blotting the pee, make a 50-50 solution with vinegar and water. Place this on a spray bottle and gently apply it on the mattress spot. Make sure that you get all the affected sprayed with this solution. Let this sit for at least 10 minutes before repeating the blotting with the paper towels.

Aside from vinegar, some prefer using a commercial solution to remove the pee. A citrusy spray will be excellent in removing the pee stain and the odor it comes with. Again, don’t let your kiddie play with this or you’ll have more to clean at the end of the day.

Step 3 – Use baking soda

After removing the excess vinegar, apply baking soda on the affected spot. I suggest that your sprinkle it instead of diluting the powder. The purpose of the baking soda is to absorb the pee that you simply can’t remove manually. You can go lavish on the baking soda if you want a more absorbent fix.

You can dab it lightly but don’t press it too much. Make sure that your kids aren’t around to play with the powder or sit on the spot you’re treating.

Step 4 – Vacuum it

Once the baking soda has settled and absorbed the moisture, get your vacuum and suck the powder out. Take time in doing this to ensure that all the powder will be removed. A HEPA vacuum is advisable here so no trace of the baking soda will be left.

how to clean mattress with pee

Step 5 – Repeat the process

If you think there’s still pee left on your bed, feel free to repeat the process. Still, don’t go overboard especially if your bed is already old. Those who have a 10-year old mattress will opt for purchasing another. Usually, a mattress’ lifespan would only last a decade. Still, there’s nothing wrong trying to extend its service.

Step 6 – Air it out

Once done with the repetitions, I suggest that you let the mattress dry outdoors. Place the wet spot directly under the sun to kill the bacteria and to dry the pee that seeped through the foam material. The whole process may take one to three days.

What about old pee stain?

The thing about some households is they love fixing things reactively. This includes the pee stains on the mattress. What happens is that the fluids dry on the material and the stain is left sitting, getting more stubborn as days go by.

At this moment, the yellowish pee stain has been in circles and it will stink like an uncleaned toilet bowl. I suggest that you purchase a commercial spray like the Emmy’s Best Odor and Stain Remover. It already comes in a spray bottle and very tough on removing the stain and odor for both animal and human pee. It’s also a God-send spray if your kid happens to vomit on their bed after one too many cookies.

If the stain is beyond your power, try asking for professional help. However, this would cost a certain fee.

Prevention tips

Like how to prevent other mattress stains, it’s always effective to use mattress protectors. It will act as a shield for the mattress against pee and other unexpected excretions. If your kid is wetting the bed on a nightly basis, I suggest that you encourage him or her to pee before bedtime. Since their bladder is empty, there’s a lower chance that you’ll have to clean another mattress.

If your kid is wetting the bed regularly, don’t scold him or her for doing so. Pediatricians warned that regular bed wetting could be a sign of a urinary incontinence. The muscles of your kid’s bladder are problematic, thus the peeing.

Experts say that it will help to make your kid used to drinking more fluids at daytime and less at night. However, don’t let them consume too much caffeine or anything with artificial flavoring. Also, make the toilet accessible at night. Some kids hold their pee because the lights are out and they are afraid of walking across the corridor.

Knowing how to clean mattress with pee is just simple. You just have to utilize some home remedies to get the bed back to business. But if the stain is stubborn, a commercial spray can help. And remember, bed-wetting is part of childhood. Don’t be put off with it or scold your little one for doing so.

On this video, TwoMoms show how to get the pesky pee stain out of the mattress real quick:

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